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Patient Testimonials

Let us know how we're doing!

Dear Dr. Ann,

Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable every time I come to your office.

I have been to several dentists over the past 35 years and I can honestly say that you and your staff are the absolute best. Your practice is far and way better than any other doctors’ office for several reasons: 1.) Personal touch. 2.) Technical skill. 3.) Attention to detail. 4.) Educating your patients. 5.) Modern technical equipment and media capability. 6.) Gentle care and, 7.) Overall thoughtfulness and consideration.

When I’m there, you make me feel important. You’re happy to answer my questions and you never make me wait long. I listened to music on headphones in the operatory and when I felt cold, your assistant noticed and put a blanket on me! Who else does that?? You have obviously put a lot of thought into what you do and it just makes going to the dentist something that I actually enjoy and look forward to. You all should teach other dentist how to do dentistry.

Forever grateful,

M. Arredondo

Dr. Ann,

I am very happy with the out come of you work! Everything from start to finish was executed perfectly. I will be back again!

With sincere thanks for your thoughtful kindness.

S. Johnson



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